I felt extremely productive today. For most of the day, Jeff helped us realize our projects, and really made mine more sophisticated than I had planned. It went from simple fixations to show interest, to the sine curves of pupil oscillations to measure complication, though the idea still is a little far-fetched. However, I read a lab report on a similar experiment by Sandra Marshall, as well as looked into the Wavelet feature on MatLab, which I still need to fully dive into and learn. Hopefully my overwhelming lack of expertise in coding does not stand as a major adversity... We at the MVRL had a meeting at 2:00 regarding the second chapter of our book. I will admit that I could not come up with a useful question for discussion, but I assuredly read the entire chapter and was able to follow the group discussion and even answer a question correctly. There were other questions that I felt I had more insight in, but they were irrelevant to the topic. All in all, it went fairly well, but next week I will come more prepared. Jeff loves to put us on the hot seat, so I'll be ready. Tomorrow, my business partner, Clint, will be coming in as my permitted guest, and he will be able to see how I am applying my work here to our business, as well as offer insight and suggestion about useful tests and experiments. Today was a great day in the lab.


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