This was the earliest we had ever started real work... right away. Yesterday we were told to come in and immediately begin eye tracking for the biology project. Once we did so, one time for each of us, we were given a new monitor to hook up to the SMI. This task brought in much difficulty and extra help, but eventually was solved. It turned out that the task was not nearly as hard as we thought. Then, we checked the image quality on the new Apple monitor. It looked much better, so now we must build a holding device for the eye tracker on this monitor. We had to measure the angle that the eye tracker made with the old monitor using trigonometry, so now Jeff can make the new device. Then, after lunch, we were given the intern challenge- a decoding. Everybody, bored as they are, solved it right away while I was being tracked for Sue's project. However, I figured out an element that I believe many others may have missed... and I solved the original task. Hopefully I can do well despite my delay. Tomorrow should be eventful, as we now have three MVRL projects and an intern one.


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